Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Space Assignment

Since we learn about the aspects of the shot, it's time to check how you did. This is only a test to show how you understanding. Don't be tensed, this is also a way to memorize the knowledge.Grade: Each question is 10 point. Total is 100. 

I. True or False. Circle your answer. If it's 'false', please explain why. 
  • Perspective is only used to create a deep space. 
    • True
    • False               
  • The cues for create a limited space are the same as depth cues.
    • True
    • False               
  • shallow focus is one of the cues to create a deep space. 
    • True
    • False               
  • Disorienting camera angle is one of the ways to create an ambiguous space.
    • True
    • False               

II. Figure out what type of space and what type of surface divisions that the images use, and what cues that you use to find it. 




III. What is the similarity of the images in question II?

IV. How to create an open space and closed space?( describe by writing or drawing. )

Sunday, November 10, 2013

American Splendor

In the article, Terry Stacey Shoots American Splendor, it said,"...don't have the luxury of putting lights on the ceiling..." The lighting in Harvey's house is pretty dark and yellow. One of my favorite scenes is Harvey sits at the table and sketches. Then the background light that comes out of windows is changing  to shows the time is overnight. 

"Harvey was shot against greenscreen and the material was later composited into the drawn comic book frames and props…" So here are some other scenes that I like. One is after Harvey falls on the floor during his cancer period. There's a white cyclorama behind Harvey. Then a sketch line follows Harvey comes into the frame, and then the phone, the frame hangs on the wall, the chair, the book and the wall. They also made the background turns to looks like a paper from comic book instead of the white. Another one is the real Harvey and the actor who acted Harvey shows the same time before a white background. These is also shows the film is kind of a mix genre, drama and documentary. 

The last thing is the mix comic into the film. We can see the film use comic to show the times' change and the new things that happened instead Harvey's voice over. It use the comic to shows that the comic book, American Splendor, is base on the real life of Harvey. There is also have a scene that use the comic to shows actor Harvey's inside mind. Struggling chose which line, and mad about the stubborn old lady. As the name of the trailer in the article," Mixing the comic world with the 'real' world."

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

The Queen_Costume

The Queen, tells a story how Queen Elizabeth reacts Diana's death. In the beginning of the film, a painter is painting a portrait for Queen. The queen dressed in a Blue, red and white cape, and wears some gold accessories. She sits demure and dignify. Showing who is the Queen.  Whatever she is working or living at her place, she always dresses formal. She is really pay attention to show her dignity to everyone. 
She looks different when she drives outside alone. She likes to take her dogs with her. She dresses a coat which seems not suit her, size and style. She always wears a headscarf, a cover that around her head. It seems like a symbol that reflects her personality. A person who is conservative, who can not accept a plebeian girl to married prince, even after the girl past away. 

Another thing, it's not really related to this film. That is the Queen always wears a pearl necklace. Pearl is looks dignify though, and it's match Queen's status. But it made me think of another great woman, Margaret Thatcher, in The Iron Lady. Thatcher always worn her pearl necklace because that is a gift her father gave her. Both of them are powerful, and they are dresses kind of the same. Is that means the dressing styles of career-driven women are similar?

Monday, October 7, 2013


Costume in Dogville is not a prominence. The costume shows time period, and life of villagers. They are pliantly and neatly dressed, showing this is not a rich village. When Grace first time gets this village, she dresses in a fur coat. She looks like a lady who has rich family, and she wears a backless dress inside.

While Grace works for the villagers, they thought Grace is a good person. They treated Grace as their friend. We can see that Grace dresses nice and has dinner with them. But after the villagers know someone is tracing Grace, their attitude changed. They are not treat her good anymore. Grace's dress changed. She wears shirt, knee-deep skirt, apron and headscarf. Now she has a servant look. Furthermore, They put a heavy wheel and a bell on Grace. 
At the ending, Grace wears her fur coat on the top of her servant dress, and sits in a car with her father. Then killed all the villagers. 

The changes on Grace's costume is shows her role in this film. Like lots of people said, Grace is a god and came to this little village for kindness and happiness. But she feels cold and pain here. Then she use  her power to punish them. 

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Color in Life Lessons

Color, is one of the indispensable things in this world. In the Modern Time, technic of filmmaking developing rapidly. More and more color appeared on the screen, even has the Digital Color Correction. These were the Black-White film could not reach. But Black-White also is 'colorful'. Although it calls Black and White, don't forget there's another color- grey, called shadow. From the perspective of painting, grey is one of the factor makes the sketch in three-dimensional.

After watch the film, Life Lessons, I want to talk a little bit about the color effects in this film. In my opinion, blue is crucial color. Pure blue show a beautiful, calm, rational and bright. In addition, blue also presents melancholy. At the beginning of the film, we saw Dobie steps on a tube and blue comes out. Dobie drives a blue car to picks up Paulette. Dobie's imagination use blue to make a romantic atmosphere, etc.

At first, Dobie couldn't painting. He's in the worried about how to gets Paulette back.  There're only black lines on his painting canvas. When Paulette comes back, lives in his Studio, Dobie's a little happy and tense. He begin his painting. He gets his inspiration from Paulette. His complex emotion makes him use mix color. It's looks thick.

Paulette with other man. This makes Dobie angry, uncomfortable. So appear other color. Red as angry, yellow is kind of the opposite with blue. When Paulette left him, color turns back to mixed. Finally when the painting finished, the color is dark. An black bridge, I think. Just symbolize this story ended, and leads him to another one, a similar one.

That's what I got in this film. About color, I think you will have a different opinion with mine. But here's mine.

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Common Tony & Tommy

Every Gangster looks like the same. Nothing more than bosses, caps, women; always coveting the authority and dreaming richer life. The movie Scarface of course is the same. If use some other words to introduce this movie, it might be: self-awareness, self-satisfaction, desire and daydream. 

Tony, played by Al Pacino, who never scared the hail of bullets, never afraid of enemy. Even doing some trade behind his boss' back, or gets some profits when he help his boss to do business. He also loves his boss' girlfriend, Elvira, played by Michelle Pfeiffer. All of these things only because his self-awareness. He thinks he's a courageous man. He's the only person who worth for Elvira to love. He can lightly kill the caps who make a threaten to him. Everything seems impossible for other people, but seems easy for Tony. He gets his will, money, status, woman. And he is a culprit at the beginning of the story, this's totally different between the ending. 

When you rise the top of mountain, you will need to experience the fall. Tony's self-satisfaction kills himself. He seems gets everything he wants, and he is really enjoy it. Hardly realize, the things he's already got are leave him stealthily. Of course there are some foreshadowings hint the end to us. He says hurt words to Elvira cause Elvira can't endure him anymore. and Tony begins to become complain everything. He stars hate the world. He stars distrust everyone near by him after he did all of the things: gets status, gets woman, gets money. Even he kills his best work partner, Manny. 

The big sign, 'The world is yours', that Tony can see it trough his window of the 'safe' place, his grave. 'The World', is the 'America dream', is a daydream. Everyone wants a lot of, dreams a lot of, but how many they truely get. They bet everything they have to get their wills, and always have someone doing the same thing behind them. eventually, nothing change.

As I mention earlier, Gangster can't do without bosses, caps and women. In the movie Miller's Crossing, we also can see the woman problem. Also gun fire, hunting for someone, and striving for status. The most different thing is the strong brotherhood in this movie, and there's distrust in Scarface

In Scarface, the scar is a symbol of the movie. In Miller's Crossing, the symbol is hat. The scar is related to Tony's character. The hat is stand for the brotherhood between Tom and Leo. Tom, played by Gabriel Byrne, who loves a woman that Leo loves also. This is make Tom hard to choose. When the woman, Verna, played by Marcia Gay Harden, talks about Tom's dream with him. We can see Tom's decide. He finally choose Leo, give up his love instead get the brotherhood. 

Both these two movies are dark film. They are ironic. One's irony is about the most common things in Gangster, Distruct and desire. The other one is about the most precious thing in Gangster, brotherhood. 

Wednesday, May 1, 2013


Play house is a game that lots of kits like. The movie Bugsy Malone express the story like a game. The whole world in the movie consist of children, whatever two biggest company, bosses, errand boys, dancers, or peddlers. This is a world that is about two gangs strive for domain, and contain a woman who want to be a star and a love story.

About this funny, childish, musical, gangster film, the most caring thing that I have is how they made everything smaller to fit the children's hight. Such as all the tables, Streets, cars, even the buildings. It's funny to watch lots of children costume suits, dance in the nightclub, and act as adults, bosses, and errand boys. The fire fighting just a cream cakes fight, and those little cars is man-powered. There's no smoking but drinking. It's almost like playing a game. The ending is also the same as the kits' game, ending with shaking hands and cheer after fighting.

The character Tallulah, play by Judie Foster. I think she's the best actress in this film. She can gave me the feeling that she's an adult when she performed on the stage and tried to join the conversation with Sam and Bugsy. Her performance is more mature than protagonist, Bugsy, played by Scott Baio. Bugsy still looks a little bit naive.

This boss, Fat Sam, played by John Cassisi. His shape looks like a boss, fat, kind of huge, but his 'boss' image damaged when he open his mouth. Especially this picture, he looks like a rap singer.

This musical movie, of cause the music is not bad. The musics of the nightclub are add some cheer atmosphere for the movie.
Those little actors used their innocent let me notice that how sham, deceitful, and cruel of the world of adults.